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  • We contribute to our customer's success

    by providing highly professional translations
  • We use technology

    and human capital
  • certified translations

    for legal proceedings


Services for conferences,  audio  and/or  video material, courses and events. 




cutting edge technology

We use the latest software to provide more efficient and timely results. 

Certified Translations

We   work  with  certified  translators, authorized by the Supreme  Court  of  Justice of the Federal District  and  the Council of the Federal Judiciary.

Audio and Video

Providing audio services for conferences, courses, services and presentations.

Customer Support 

Phones us on 01 (55) 55-12-38-50 /: 01 (55) 55-21-94-58


Av. Arcos de Belén # 30 oficina 1,

Del. Cuauhtémoc, México D.F.